Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tuesday 7th Dec.. WithLove xx

Good Afternoon! its been a few weeks since i posted on here.. ive been suffering from a cold and was crazy busy with other things to be honest!
Well.. we did the Liverpool design Festival and i dont mean to be big headed but our stand got lots of attention and looked really good! i will post a few pics below for you to see! Ive never exhibited properly before but i really enjoyed it, all the class pulled together and it turned out to be a success :) i didnt sell any work but the experience was definately worth while.

After the Liverpool design show i went back to Liverpool for a night out for a friends birthday.. after the ridiculously long journey there with a few much needed toilet stops we finally got there! I LOVE Liverpool for a night out.. We went to Revolution, Heebie Jeebies and Concert square and i would definatly recommend them all! I wore a new cream Pixie Lott Lipsy dress with some Topshop over the knee boots.. i werent to sure on the boots at first with them being leather i felt a bit like Julia Roberts in pretty woman but after a few drinks i was fine!! hahaha :)

All last week i was ill with a cold :( i literally stayed in bed most of the week with my electric blanket on full and stocked up on magazines and lemsips!

My dissertation is driving me mad! i need to find another artist to write about but i cant find any that keep me interested longer than ten minutes! I have also started to work on my project for the Bradford Textile Society.  I want to make interior furnishing using my previouos 'memory blog' theme but im not quite sure what products to create yet! i was thinking lampshades, beanbags or chair upholstery but i need to look into it a bit further yet.. any ideas welcome!! haha :)

This weekend i had a quiet weekend, stayed in a mostly ate takeaways which did me no favours!! im SO glad Stacey won i'm a celeb!! shes hilarious!! I worked all day Sat + Sun at Ducati. On sunday we had a big open day  and Carl Fogarty came which was good :)

Yesterday i went to the Clothes show at the NEC Birmingham and it was BRILL! i drove down with my best friend Fi and although it took us nearly 3 hours to get there in the fog and snow we still had a really good day. I finally bought the knitted cape that i wanted from Topshop and also a few other items (hats, t-shirts, trousers etc) and i managed to get my mum some Christmas presants whilst i was there so all in all even though i am now completely skint at least i have new clothes to wear hahah :)

So.. as for now im gonna get back to doing some work and get myself off blogger as i am far to nosey!! :)


Liverpol design show

My wall art designs (not good pic quality )
Lipsy Pixie Lott Dress £50
Topshop boots £80
(not the best pic, quite drunk with my friend kie lol )