Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A working progress...

So heres some basic designs ive started working on today for my final project. Ive used old cuttings from diarys and photographs to create the backgrounds and create the memory theme and when they finished and up to standard i will print them onto fabric and embellish on top with beads and embroidery to give them each a unique twist..

Tuesday 10th May...

Good Afternoon!

Well.. last week i completely changed my idea for my final major project so now i am looking at creating different peices of wall art with a diary/memories theme running through. i am intending to print some on fabric and some on paper and finish them off with some beading and embelishment. 

This week I have been researching textile wall art and also looking at ways wall art can be displayed etc.

Example of wall art display.

Example of wall art display

i really like the display and the theme of these pieces they all have the
memory/vintage feel  and the variety in size make it stand out

 I have also been looking at Laura McCafferty this week as i really like the way she uses simple embroidered images to create her final pieces. Each colour or pattern that you see in the work is a separate piece of cloth that has been individually cut, placed and bonded and hand stitched. each one of her pieces has a memory feel about it, as if she could sit there and tell you a story about what happened in that moment or on that day. Laura McCafferty has long since regarded her work as documentary, recording the life events of ordinary people through drawing and textile art.

Example of Laura McCafferty

Example of Laura McCafferty

Example of Laura Mccafferty