Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tuesday 7th Dec.. WithLove xx

Good Afternoon! its been a few weeks since i posted on here.. ive been suffering from a cold and was crazy busy with other things to be honest!
Well.. we did the Liverpool design Festival and i dont mean to be big headed but our stand got lots of attention and looked really good! i will post a few pics below for you to see! Ive never exhibited properly before but i really enjoyed it, all the class pulled together and it turned out to be a success :) i didnt sell any work but the experience was definately worth while.

After the Liverpool design show i went back to Liverpool for a night out for a friends birthday.. after the ridiculously long journey there with a few much needed toilet stops we finally got there! I LOVE Liverpool for a night out.. We went to Revolution, Heebie Jeebies and Concert square and i would definatly recommend them all! I wore a new cream Pixie Lott Lipsy dress with some Topshop over the knee boots.. i werent to sure on the boots at first with them being leather i felt a bit like Julia Roberts in pretty woman but after a few drinks i was fine!! hahaha :)

All last week i was ill with a cold :( i literally stayed in bed most of the week with my electric blanket on full and stocked up on magazines and lemsips!

My dissertation is driving me mad! i need to find another artist to write about but i cant find any that keep me interested longer than ten minutes! I have also started to work on my project for the Bradford Textile Society.  I want to make interior furnishing using my previouos 'memory blog' theme but im not quite sure what products to create yet! i was thinking lampshades, beanbags or chair upholstery but i need to look into it a bit further yet.. any ideas welcome!! haha :)

This weekend i had a quiet weekend, stayed in a mostly ate takeaways which did me no favours!! im SO glad Stacey won i'm a celeb!! shes hilarious!! I worked all day Sat + Sun at Ducati. On sunday we had a big open day  and Carl Fogarty came which was good :)

Yesterday i went to the Clothes show at the NEC Birmingham and it was BRILL! i drove down with my best friend Fi and although it took us nearly 3 hours to get there in the fog and snow we still had a really good day. I finally bought the knitted cape that i wanted from Topshop and also a few other items (hats, t-shirts, trousers etc) and i managed to get my mum some Christmas presants whilst i was there so all in all even though i am now completely skint at least i have new clothes to wear hahah :)

So.. as for now im gonna get back to doing some work and get myself off blogger as i am far to nosey!! :)


Liverpol design show

My wall art designs (not good pic quality )
Lipsy Pixie Lott Dress £50
Topshop boots £80
(not the best pic, quite drunk with my friend kie lol )


Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday Monday..

Good Evening!

This week ive been concentrating on finishing my wallpaper designs for the Liverpool Design Festival this weekend. My theme is 'Blog Wallpaper' and ive gone down the Sabrina Ward-Harrison style by using my own personal items/thoughts to create them. Since being young ive kept everything and anything that means something to me or reminds me of fun times/people.. My wallpaper has been created by scanning in old diary cuttings, letters, photos, cinema tickets and various other items that create my blog feel.. This week ive 2 artists ive looked at are Deborah Bowness and Tracy Kendall. Here are a few images of their work.. ( i secretly hope one day i can afford to cover the whole of my house in these!)  

Deborah Bowness

Deborah Bowness
Tracy Kendall

Tracy Kendall

My new parka coat came this week wooooo!! .. ive searched high and low for the PERFECT parka and have never been able to find one. they are either too short, too thin, not enough fur on the hood bla bla bla.. So i gave in and began a bidding war on ebay for a Guess parka coat that says has only been work 'a few times'.. Im a complete ebay geek so i know that means shes worn it so much shes now completely bored of it and needs money for a new one! haha! but i got it for a bargain so im happy and once ive taken it off i will take a pic and upload it! 

So for the past 3 weeks i have been trying to 'be good'.. no drinking, no partying, no eating rubbish, gym most days, uni/work everyday.. and its left me with 2 big spots and an eye infection. GREAT! so this weekend i am going to make up for lost time in Liverpool for my friends birthday and i cant wait!! ive seen the dress i need to get and im determoned to find some gorgeous shoes to match so i think a shopping trip will be needed tomorrow or the day after!! :o) 

As for now im gonna love you and leave you as im busy writing my artist statment and TRYING to figure out harvard referencing (Zzzzzzzz!!)


Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday Blues..

Today is a dull day..i was freezing when i woke up, got drenched in the rain and then almost ran out of petrol on my journey into uni..Ive had a lovely relaxing weekend, except for working both Saturday & Sunday i spent a lot of time in my cosy bed with my dog, lots of toffees and the occasional mug of green tea! Tonight im looking forward to my mums home-made shepherds pie for tea and then i MUST MUST MUST go to the gym and do some research for my dissertation(yawnnn!)

I am currently in uni sat with Amy Marie Bowness trying to finish my wallpaper designs for the Liverpool Design Festival next week. Ive been researching Sabrina-ward Harrison for inspiration and i forgot how much i LOVE her work, i buy all her books and spend endless hours reading through her thoughts and dreams...  

Sabrina Ward-Harrison

Sabrina Ward-Harrison