Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday Monday..

Good Evening!

This week ive been concentrating on finishing my wallpaper designs for the Liverpool Design Festival this weekend. My theme is 'Blog Wallpaper' and ive gone down the Sabrina Ward-Harrison style by using my own personal items/thoughts to create them. Since being young ive kept everything and anything that means something to me or reminds me of fun times/people.. My wallpaper has been created by scanning in old diary cuttings, letters, photos, cinema tickets and various other items that create my blog feel.. This week ive 2 artists ive looked at are Deborah Bowness and Tracy Kendall. Here are a few images of their work.. ( i secretly hope one day i can afford to cover the whole of my house in these!)  

Deborah Bowness

Deborah Bowness
Tracy Kendall

Tracy Kendall

My new parka coat came this week wooooo!! .. ive searched high and low for the PERFECT parka and have never been able to find one. they are either too short, too thin, not enough fur on the hood bla bla bla.. So i gave in and began a bidding war on ebay for a Guess parka coat that says has only been work 'a few times'.. Im a complete ebay geek so i know that means shes worn it so much shes now completely bored of it and needs money for a new one! haha! but i got it for a bargain so im happy and once ive taken it off i will take a pic and upload it! 

So for the past 3 weeks i have been trying to 'be good'.. no drinking, no partying, no eating rubbish, gym most days, uni/work everyday.. and its left me with 2 big spots and an eye infection. GREAT! so this weekend i am going to make up for lost time in Liverpool for my friends birthday and i cant wait!! ive seen the dress i need to get and im determoned to find some gorgeous shoes to match so i think a shopping trip will be needed tomorrow or the day after!! :o) 

As for now im gonna love you and leave you as im busy writing my artist statment and TRYING to figure out harvard referencing (Zzzzzzzz!!)


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