Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday Blues..

Today is a dull day..i was freezing when i woke up, got drenched in the rain and then almost ran out of petrol on my journey into uni..Ive had a lovely relaxing weekend, except for working both Saturday & Sunday i spent a lot of time in my cosy bed with my dog, lots of toffees and the occasional mug of green tea! Tonight im looking forward to my mums home-made shepherds pie for tea and then i MUST MUST MUST go to the gym and do some research for my dissertation(yawnnn!)

I am currently in uni sat with Amy Marie Bowness trying to finish my wallpaper designs for the Liverpool Design Festival next week. Ive been researching Sabrina-ward Harrison for inspiration and i forgot how much i LOVE her work, i buy all her books and spend endless hours reading through her thoughts and dreams...  

Sabrina Ward-Harrison

Sabrina Ward-Harrison

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